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Bodacious Bodies

Beauty Comes In All Sizes

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♥Beautiful Curves♥
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This is the logo image for this lovely community made graciously by a great artist, Leigh Young. Please take the time to swing by her website to check out and support her artwork. Leigh Young Illustration.


BeautifulCurves is a size-acceptance site where BBW'S, BHM, FA's, and anyone else can express their thoughts, feelings, loves, desires, annoyances, gripes, and anything else that will add to the community as a whole. This is a place for men and women to be loved, praised, supported and adored regardless of size. There is so much media influence in society that is brainwashing men and women into thinking beauty comes in one standard, unattainable size, and we are here to prove that ideal wrong. It is unrealistic to expect all women to look the same, and if they did, what a boring world this would be. Here at BeautifulCurves, men and women alike gather to discuss the positive and negative side of being plus-sized and support one another in the pursuit of self-acceptance. We as BBW should be able to come together and speak of whatever we choose, so that on our good days, we may inspire others and on our bad days, others may give us a word of inspiration. We all should work together, and that is exactly what this community is about!!

Have an embarassing question? Scared or worried about asking for advice in a certain situation without the ability to remain anonymous? Then this is the section for you! Plus-Size women are not only unique for obvious and wonderful reasons, they also have unique questions and situations they have to deal with. Sometimes these things can be something exciting to share, and other times it can be an embarassing question that answers could help a girl benefit from. These questions are up to you, and can range from embarassing sex questions, cosmetic issues, physical issues, emotional, etc. So because of this, I am giving out my email address so that members can submit any questions that they have or situations they are dealing with that they are too shy to ask themselves but really need help with some answers. Just drop me a line at TeresaBrantley@msn.com including only the question or situation you need advice in, any other information you would find helpful, and I will post it for you with no strings attatched!


There are little restrictions on what you may discuss in this community. Please understand that when we bring things into this community that are raw, it is more than likely going to put us on the defense and rob all of the members of the type of place this is meant to be, so please:

No political discussions. There are plenty of other outlets for that purpose. This community has a diverse group of people with differing opinions that are strong and can lead to unneccessary strife.

Surveys can be fun and everyone likes participating in them now and again, including community members here. But please keep all survey replies in the original post of the survey. So, for example, if Sexy Betsy does a survey about a certain topic and other people want to fill in/participate in that topic, comment your answers there. It keeps the community running well and cleaner and gathers all of the people who are enjoying in it and participating into one specific place.

Please put all images behind a cut out of respect for dial-up users as well as the sake of the new layout. Here is a simple guide on how to do this, any chimp could do it blindfolded. How to Cut Pictures.

Non-Work Safe images are not appropriate for this community. The age group is very scatterd and includes girls under the age of 18, therefore, keep the images clean gals. There are a ton of communities on LiveJournal land where you can flaunt what mama gave ya.

Please do not advertise or link to any rating communities, even if they are plus size related. It is nothing personal against anyone who runs one or is a member of one. I just feel that the guidelines for those types of communities go against the belief system of our little community. This is a place of refuge, where everyone of all sizes, shapes, and makes can come and be supported, loved and accepted. We are never here to judge or be judged. If someone is interested in putting themselves on the chopping block of the rating system, then by all means, go ahead. But I chose to not have this community as a forum of support for the said types of groups. I have had many women here who have found out about a new rating community because of ad's in this group posted and then proceed to be rejected and deeply hurt. If by adding a rule of no rating comm. ad's here saves one girl who otherwise would not have joined and been deeply hurt, it will all be worth it. I want everyone here to feel loved and beautiful because they are, whether some group of gals told them "NO" they weren't or not. Everyone here is special and equal, and that is the way it shall remain.

Hateful, tormenting, or annoying posts will not be tolerated. If you do find the need to torment or harass any of the members, I will have you banned from the community and proceed to have you banned from Live Journal all together if it persists. Come out of the closet and accept your love of THE FLUFFINESS!!!

Please attempt to stay on topic of being plus-sized. Basically, don't just come and post anything you would in your regular journal, after all, that is what your personal journal is for. No "Bobby called last night, and like, OMG, that made me so happy. Then we ate at Burger King, it was a good night. K, bye!" You get the point, not too difficult.

No goodbye post. They're lame and annoying. If you are leaving the community then just leave, goodbye, nice knowing you. Don't annoy people with dramatic soap opera goodbyes.

Don't carry a debate into another post that will just ensue drama. Debate what you will in the original post and keep it there. Anything else will be gladly deleted.

Don't talk about diet pills and bogus diet junk that doesn't do anything but make your heartbeat irrgeular and feed the buldging diet industry's pockets. If you want to discuss exercising, counting calories, etc., basically what works, then fine. But this isn't a weight loss blog so if all you are going to talk about is that then don't join.

Don't post anything that disallows comments. If you can discuss it here and give your opinion you should also allows others to have theirs and not try to censor them. Also, no screened comments, be brave and stand behind what you post or just don't post at all.

Don't be catty to someone just because they are a smaller size than you. Everyone is different and this world would be a damn boring place otherwise.

Other than that, use your intelligent discretion and please do not take the info and leniency of it for granted.

This area is for links that have been discussed in the community. If you have any helpful sites or information that you would like to offer, do not hesitate to share. Please also feel free to volunteer any communities that you feel would benefit the users of this community.

Support for all the Soul Cysters

PCOS Frequently Asked Questions

Health Watch: PCOS Get a Diagnosis

Georgia Reproductive Specialists (contains overview as well)

PCOS: Treatment Options

Infertility Solutions INternational

Woman's Diagnostic Cyber Disease Profile

PCOS 2000

PCOS Daily Express Article

Penn State Women's Health Success Stories with PCOS and concieving

For anyone who likes the Sims but wished they could get a plus-sized Sim girl, follow This link and get your curvaceous mama’s!

Make sure to join our sister community shareapparel

Check out our community review, we got a perfect score! That's gotta say something about all us lovelies and our admirers!! Read the review here.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me, fairyluver, at either my journal or at the email address that I supplied above. Thanks for joining and I hope you make some wonderful new friends.

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