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Dresses, Camis, Shells, T-Shirts, Blouses, Pants, Shorts, Lingerie SIZES L, XL; 14-18

Clothing comes from a house with cats, but will be dehaired before shipping. I use PayPal.

1. H&M Gold Summer-Sleevless Dress; Size 12 $20 Shipped

2. Lane Bryant Sleaveless Velour Dress; Size 14/16. $20 Shipped

Camis and Shells and T-Shirts

3. Old Navy V-Neck T-Shirt, Pink; Size XL; Brand New! $11 Shipped

4. Avenue Green Cami; Size 14/16 $10 Shipped

5. Dynamie Black Shell; No SIze (14/16) $7 Shipped

6. Avenue White Beaded Cami; Size 14/16 $8 Shipped

7. Lane Bryant Red Shell; Size 14/16; Light Pilling $6 Shipped


8. Avenue Short-Sleeved Purple Blouse; Size 14/16 $15 Shipped

9. Venezia Short-Sleeved Black Handkerchief Shirt; Size 14/16 $12 Shipped

10. H&M Black Flowy Blouse; Size 14; Needs Dry Cleaning $10 Shipped

11. Venezia 100% Cotton Long 3/4 Sleeve Shirt; Size 14/16 but will fit an 18/20; Needs Ironing $15 Shipped

12. Lane Bryant Cream Button-Down Tuxedo Top, Sequins at Collar and Sleeve ; Size 14/16. $18 Shipped

13. Xhilaration Sleaveless Warm Top; Size XL; Light Pilling $14 Shipped

14.New York & Comapny Stretchy Red and Black Flower Skirt; Size L (Fits 14/16) $15 Shipped

15.Old Navy Burgandy Corduroy Mini; Size 14 but would fit a 16 better $12 Shipped

16. Old Navy Stretchy Pleated Skirt; Heavy Material (Warm); Size L (Fits 16-18) $20 Shipped

Pants and Shorts

17. Avenue Signature Chino Khakis; Size 16; Worn Once but wrinkly $12 Shipped

18. Lane Bryant Grey Bermuda Shorts; Size 14; Lightly worn but Wrinkly $ 12 Shipped


19. Victoria's Secret BabyDoll Top; Size L $10 Shipped

20. Catherine's Control-Top Panty Hose; Light Taupe; Size A $5 Shipped

21. Catherine's Light Support Panty Hose; Beige; Size A $5 Shipped

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Just a FYI - Your post has each item shown 3 times. Might confuse people.
omg how did that happen!
hahah thanks so much!
I think with Florida summer here, that pink mini needs to be in my life :-)
oh! do you want it? its chordory though: not rly summery.
well yeah, but it's still a skirt! It'll be plenty cool enough....and it's PINK! I definitely want it, I just hope it fits!!!
Oh great! Whats your email? Ill send you the PayPal invoice.