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Anybody know how to get prescription meds online?

I'm looking into getting my hypertension meds online without a prescription, because I do not want to have to pay $65-100 for a doctor visit. I'll only be told I need to exercise and lose weight....bleah bleah pay money for an 'office visit' which will only be weighing me and blood pressure. Plus I'll have to wait in office for 2 hours (he never sees anybody on time) to them have to pay even more money for the prescription. Most of the stuff I see online is either crap sites or prescription-only sites. I'm about ready to find out if anybody I know is going to Mexico sometime, and can get bulk amounts of the stuff.

I don't have a job, no health yeah....I can't just get another doctor who will also want to see me every 6 months to fork out money for nothing.
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